Robert Lang TED Talk

Got 18 minutes? Well I highly recommend taking a look at this talk.

Currently I am looking at more mathematical and geometric forms of folding for a commission. I have always taken an interest in mathematics and problem solving, which might be why I was drawn to origami in the first place, but the work I am doing for the current commission has got my imagination and creative juices flowing. Robert discusses how discovering the mathematical rules dictating folding have led to software being developed to create crease patterns for complex designs. This framework has enabled origami folding techniques being applied to medical science, space exploration as well as the folding of more beautiful and naturalistic models.

I have always been aware of Roberts work as he published most of the origami books I had as a child. Up til now my own methods for creating new designs usually invloves playing with a square of paper and seeing where it takes me. Sometimes I have an idea of the finished model other times I don't. I am really excited about exploring this way of folding and hopefully applying it to the textiles that I love to work with..

Hannah x

Recent Commission: Doves for Veronika Maine Window Displays

You will have already seen the sneaky peak but now I am trilled to share with you images that Veronika Maine have sent me of some of the 216 doves I folded for the Australian fashion label's 2015 Christmas window display. I have often seen origami used in high street merchandising and always hoped that bY Mi would be able to create similar pieces with textile origami. They can be seen in 30 of the brand's stores so if you are passing do take a closer look.

Unfortunately, I have never traveled to Australia so had not heard of Veronika Maine before, but looking at their SS 2015 collection it was easy to see how the origami birds would sit with the Asian style minimalism and feminine cuts. I could easily see myself coveting pieces each season, although it was hard to get in the mood for summer fashion when it was blowing gale in Scotland.

Each bird is an almost life size version of the birds in my 20/12 collection  mobile. The logistics of making and sending such a large number half way across the world was exciting as I hadn't worked on such a large scale before. Even the commissioning process had it's challenges as I replied to emails as soon as I woke hoping to beat the time difference. The doves are folded from a very stiff bonded white fabric, with some dyed a dove grey and jet black. Packing the birds up and posting them to Australia I felt like a mother sending her children off on their first camp. It was a relief to see the birds looking so peaceful in their places, perched delicately on the mannequin's hands and arms and flying high in the store windows.

Hannah x

New Stockist: Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft
To tie in with their exhibition of the Animals of David Jones I was asked to send some of my Origami Fox Brooches to the Ditchling Museum of Art & Crafts in East Sussex and since the opening at the end of October they have been flying off the shelves.

Despite acquainting myself with Stanley Spencer and Eric Gill in my History of Art days I was unfamiliar with Jones' work and have been intrigued to read more about the artist, in particular an article in the Guardian

The exhibition is on until 6 March so do go if you are in the area. The Museum itself seems an interesting place, an old school house, it has been a museum since the 1980's but was reopened in 2013 to great acclaim, becoming an Art Fund Museum of the Year finalist in 2014.

Hannah x

Christmas Order Dates

Hello Folks

It is that time of year again so to make sure you goodies have the best chance of reaching you in time here are the last ORDER dates for in stock items on my Etsy and Folksy stores. If you want something made for you get in touch now.

Friday 18 December

Wednesday 2 December...Africa, Middle East
Friday 4 December...Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Japan, Eastern Europe (ex. Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia
Saturday 5 December...Caribbean, Central & South America
Tuesday 8 December...Greece, Australia, New Zealand
Friday 11 December...Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Sunday 13 December...Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Monday 14 December...Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain
Tuesday 15 December...France
Wednesday 16 December...Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland

All items are sent Royal Mail 1st Class or Airmail. If you miss the above dates convo me and there may be a faster service you can upgrade to.

Hannah x

Bridal Commissions: Christina's Vintage Origami Butterfly Jewellery


Junk mail could have been the undoing of this story. Fortunately I check my junk mail regularly and I was thrilled to find a lovely email from Christina asking me to design and make bespoke jewellery for her wedding in June this year. She had bought some of my upcycled range from the

Red Door Gallery

and was so taken with the butterflies. She knew they would be perfect personal touch to her wedding.

On meeting Christina we clicked instantly over ballet (she is a dancer), non traditional wedding suppliers and the excitement of planning a wedding as an expression of love and individuality. Ideas flowed and between us we worked out a design to capture her personality and make the most of her vintage-style dress. Earrings had to be dangly, the Sterling silver and butterflies small and delicate but the colours joyful and warm. I had taken with me a stash of vintage and upcycled Liberty fabrics and Christina picked out her favourites which we narrowed down to compliment the bridesmaids dresses and shoes.

Christina noted down her ideas for the design of the necklace and bracelet after our first chat and brain storm. I added the design of the earrings

When I first started making my Upcycled Butterfly earrings I tried out a few different sizes and settled on the current size (made from a 5cm square) partly thinking that surely I couldn't make anything smaller. Happily Christina's commission meant that I revisited the miniature and actually made some butterflies from an inch square!

The design process was very much a collaboration. I really wanted her to be thrilled with the pieces and feel wonderful wearing them and I think this helped. Our next meeting I had made the Sterling Silver bases for the necklace, bracelet and earrings and a selection of butterflies in the different fabrics so that we could place the them on each piece. Each of the butterflies highlights a different part of the delicate prints and making sure the set looked right as a whole was important. Christina hoped to wear the pieces again and again.

The completed set with the bride's perfume. Photo

Chantal Lachance-Gibson

The finished jewellery was hand delivered with a hug and a "Have an amazing Day!" The day of the wedding I was eagerly following her wedding photographer Chantal on Facebook to the first glimpse of the bride and my heart leapt when I saw these beautiful photographs.

The Beautiful Bride. Photo

Chantal Lachance-Gibson

Christina always wears dangly earrings and these are finished with freshwater pearls. Photo

Chantal Lachance-Gibson

Christina chose an Upcycled Butterfly Brooch to pin her train for dancing. Photo

Chantal Lachance-Gibson


Chantal Lachance-Gibson

and Christina have kindly given me permission to share with you these stunning photographs. Since following Chantal on Facebook I am whisked away every day to Romantic locations and beautiful people. Try it for yourself

Hannah x

Bridal Commissions: Phillippa's Silk Origami Bouquet


Last year Phillippa entrusted me with creating a small posy of flowers for her Wedding at the High House Farm Brewery in Northumberland. The brief was a few stems tied with ribbon, Violets as that is her Mothers name and a little while later a letter arrived with coloured notepaper and envelope in the colours of the wedding.

The flower coming together
With any new piece or design I always make intial models in paper to get an idea of scale and so that I can fold and refold easily to ensure the folds would work well in fabric without any ugly sides. Once I am happy with the design and fold I make a "toile" in cotton. Once everything is perfect I look for fabric in the best colour and weight.

To make a petaled flower it was necessary for me to use a new technique to me and textile origami, a modular design using repeated shapes interlocked to make the flower. This meant that I was able to add an extra element to the design. Each flower is made of five petals in five different types of silk and cotton fabric. The subtle differences in tones and textures gave a wonderful dimension to the flowers and stopped them looking flat. It also made them even more special. I finished the wired stems with wrapped grosgrain ribbon and a satin bow. Swarovski crystals at the centre of each of the 6 flowers as a touch of sparkle.

I was lucky enough to attend the wedding on a beautiful although chilly Autumn day and the Bride was as pleased as I was with the final bouquet. I only wished I had done this for my own Wedding. I would love to make more bouquets and plan to build a catalogue of flowers to inspire brides.


Paul Santos and Phillippa have kindly given me permission to share some of the photographs from the day. Paul was a cool cat and drew many compliments for his leather camera holsters and his pictures have perfectly captured the romance of the day. Check him out on his website

Hannah x 

Bridal Commissions


I am delighted to be able to share with you not only some recent one off pieces I have made but also the talented photographers who have captured the beauty and elegance of the Brides and their wedding days.

It is completely delightful when I get an email asking me to make something bespoke. Especially so when I am asked to make a reality something that the client has dreamed of for years. Sometimes it is that first contact that sparks the inspiration, other times a meeting in person is the melting pot of ideas. Either way I hope to listen to the clients imaginings and use them as a foundation for any design.

In both the pieces featured in the following posts I have done things with the textile origami that I hadn't had the time or confidence to try and afterwards felt a burst of inspiration and energy. Commissions often push me to expand the boundaries and try new things.

So please get in touch if you would like something bespoke and we get creative. I can't wait!

Hannah x

Phillippa's Bouquet
Christina's Jewellery


Hello folks,

When I graduated from university, my wise old dad said to me "keep writing". In the world of work you write emails, endless emails, reports and the odd line of marketing speak but no prose, no long essays with argument, structure and creative flourishes. Well, I did History of Art and Architectural History so flourishes were de rigour. I often felt that the pressure of the exam hall lead to my most creative (although not most factually accurate) work. Needless to say I didn't follow his advise, until now really.

I write this blog sporadically, I send a newsletter sporadically, I write a digest to friends and family of the happenings of my wee family. Inspired by friends, on a daily basis we write in our "Reasons to be Cheerful" book, noting down the lucky chances, first moments, good judgements and serendipitous coincidences that we experience each day. So I am writing a lot. I have always mulled over a children's story book or two or three. Next month the Festival comes to town and I feel the need to take the wee man to expand the library of books we read daily, I might even taken in a workshop myself, perhaps 2015 is the year I put pen to paper for the opening lines.

Hannah x

It has been a while...

It has been a wee while since I reopened my online shops after the birth of my son and now stockists are restocked and restocked again my attention has returned to my blog.

After university my parents said to me, keep writing, the real world doesn't make much room for writing so it is a skill you need to keep practicing. The posts I wrote for this blog and (formerly) regular newsletters were my practice as well as another creative aspect of running the business that I really enjoyed.

So whilst pottering around the website, updating this and that, I re-read my about page and the core themes that I hoped to explore on the blog. It reminded me that the blog was not just a marketing tool but a way to share information, inspiration and intrigue.

Next time it won't be so long.

Hannah x

Happy New Year!

Hello folks.

After the Christmas Break the bY Mi Folksy and Etsy stores are now open! Over the coming days I will be posting some bargains in the sale section so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you so much for your custom and support over the past year and I am looking forward to exciting times over the coming year.

Hannah x

Indie Loves...Butterflies & bY Mi

As I write this post I am sitting next to the window with the sun streaming in and daffodils emerging cheerfully to signal the start of Spring. It is March after all and with the wet weather most of us have experienced this winter it is a welcome change.

Late week I even got an email from Indie Magazine to let me know they had featured my Polka Dot Butterfly Hairgrips on their fashion blog. They have brought together a great collection of Butterfly accessories perfect for up coming Mothers Day or putting Spring into your out fit.

It is however sad to read that the Monarch Butterfly population is being threatened by pesticides. As our many other species of course. Do feel free to sign the petition, I have.

Hannah x

Now you can have a go too

One of the questions that I get asked most at Craft markets and Fairs is "How to you make origami using fabric?" Usually I answer, "Now that would be telling?" or "Magic"

In 2007-8 when I was first trying out origami using fabrics no one else was doing it and I had to figure it out for myself. I had a lots of dud samples, burnt fingers and friends who looked dubious at the creations I had just given them. But after a while it started to work and work well, friends started to look pleased with their new presents.Since then I have been perfecting everything from the type of fabric to the temperature of the iron.

Now, I am not gifted with special powers of some mystic origami master I just spent time and effort creating because I was passionate about origami and textiles. This didn't mean that I was going to tell the first and every person that asked my technique. I don't mind competition but I think it is only right that if someone wants to make textile origami they put in similar time and effort to hone the skill to make something unique rather than simply watching a You Tube video and ordering some stationery.

Earlier this year I was asked to create a How To for two different Magazines, Easy Origami & Mollie Makes and I said yes. It surprised me too!

In 2008 when you searched Fabric Origami on Etsy or the like you might have got some pleated stitched quilting or crane covered in glue or varnish. Neither Origami nor pretty (in my opinion). Now if you do the same you still get the above but there is an increasing number of interesting and unique artists using textiles to create abstract jewellery and accessories in what I suspect is a similar technique to mine. Great, someone else has put in the time and effort to make something that is theirs.

I started to realise that it wasn't the technique that I needed to protect but my own designs and folds. So why not promote Textile Origami through some "how-to" articles, if anything it will show the work and skill that is needed to make even the simplest piece.

Now if asked I will tell you look out the issues and have a go yourself, alternatively find something you like on my online shops or commission me to make something just for you. That would be ace.

Hannah x

Note: This post was originally drafted in December 2013 however it was not published on the blog until May 2015 (A baby got in the way)

Emmaline Bride

A quick THANK YOU to Emmaline Bride for featuring my Origami Bookmark Card is their Origami inspired Wedding Feature. The blog is a great source book for any bride wanting to have a handmade wedding. Making me nostalgic for planning my own wedding, if you are anything like me you will get most of it done...but don't stress if you don't have time for that extra detail. Yeah those orgiami buttonholes never got made, thank goodness for mums and sweatpeas!

Hannah x