the 20/12 collection

2012 was a special year, each month bY Mi launched a brand new product in a limited edition of 20.

I decided upon this project mainly out of impatience to get making some of the many ideas that are rolling around in my head but also to showcase the diverse uses for bY Mi's unique textile origami. The project will enable origami fans and customers (that's you guys) to get a real insight into my creative processes and hopefully inspire more projects. Each month I did my best to keep you all informed on Facebook, Twttier & by Newsletter, the inspiration, development and creation of the final piece.

The full collection is available to buy on Etsy & Folksy or at a bY Mi Craft market stall. One product was launched each month and you can view them all below. Each piece comes with details of the bY Mi 20/12 Collection and the all important edition number. The Collection starts with piece 01/01 and ends with 20/12. Remember there were only 20 made of each of the 12 pieces.