This was me at the DesignMarket.

The weekend started with a launch night complete with wine and guests. Light and airy (and hot) it was great to be exhibiting in one of my favourite art galleries with some hugely talented designers and makers.

So rather than tell you about the new Kaleidoscope collection and the gaggle of girls who bought matching earrings or the lovely lady who got me enthusing about collectives or even the cute little puppy, I am going to share with you some of the other makers and their work.

Firstly I would like to introduce my neighbour for the weekend, Fiona Luing. I first came across Fiona's work at an open studios  which was part of Leith Late 2012. Crammed into a tiny studio with wine and cake circulating and a band playing I managed to try on and convince the other half to buy me a ring. Made from silver, it seems delicate at first but it has not left my finger since that night. Here is a picture of similar rings at her stall at the DesignMarket

The Pointy Silver ring & studs set will definitely be on my birthday list

Also on the upper level was Lynsey Walters who makes beautifully embellished felt jewellery and accessories. I am sure that at an early Out of the Blue Arts Market I purchased a grey bird brooch for my mum's Christmas and with lots of stockists in the UK and US her pieces obviously have worldwide appeal, even appearing in a MAC cosmetics advertising campaign. What caught my eye was her hand cranked sewing machine and her use of classic Kraft paper in her display. I also discovered she lives in Porty too!

Opposite my stall a surly Merman was catching my eye. On approach I discovered that there was quite a tale behind his creation. Emily Mackenzie had been dip dying fabric to make a quilt when she also managed to dye her hands blue. The project was abandoned but the fabric spoke of a watery home and inspired the screen printed Merman plushy that I had been admiring. Emily's hands soon recovered and the great range of illustrated prints and gifts is testament to her skill and humour. I loved the seagull threatening to steal your chips.

Merman is making eyes at you from the Great Spotted Bird Nerd tote
Of course there were countless other great makers but I share with you a few that I got chatting to.

The weekend was great fun, so much so it wasn't until I was on the way out the door that I spotted some "origami" artwork from the Fruitmarkets Own Art collection, but more on that in another post.

Hannah x