Last month through the wonderful world of Twitter I discovered  that an exhibition was opening in Glasgow by Foldability. Foldability was launched in May 2013 by Kyla McCallum  and specialises in product & packaging design based on Origami technology. Just the ticket for this origami lover, so the other weekend I took a trip out west to have a look.

exhibition blurb

The exhibition  took up a small corner on the 1st floor mezzanine in the central atrium and consisted of a large modular wall hanging and a series of the sculptural Sonobe light fittings. More of a display, it was small but perfectly formed as you might expect from an origami exhibition. However from first impressions it lacked a bit of drama. I guess it would take the average visitor less than a minute to "see" it all. Perhaps that was just the anticipation of having to wait until the second last day to visit meant my expectations were too high.

Sonobe lighting & wall hanging

The pieces themselves are made using a modular origami technique, folded paper units are repeated and interlocked to create an infinite number of shapes and geometries. The large wall hanging alone is made up of 4917 of these modules which are arranged in wheels of 6 so that the overall piece lies flat against the wall.

modules arranges in wheels of 6
modules lay in lines alternating point up/point down

In the light fittings the same modules are arranged in a mix of wheels of 6,5 or less to create a 3D shape.

by removing 1 modules from the wheel the pieces becomes 3D

(I first started to understand this geometry when attending an exhibition and talk presented by ASCUS exploring how mathematics & geometry can be found in crafts from Crochet to Patchwork. If you would like to find out more you can find Dr Julia Collins (@HaggisMaths) & Madelaine Shepherd (@MadeleineS) on Twitter or visit the Mathematicians Shirts blog.)

Lacking much in the way of discussion or explanation the exhibition was perhaps more interesting to those with an interest in origami and paper folding. On the other hand this is a commercial venture and they don't want to give too may of their secrets away. However, I am sure the casual visitor to the Lighthouse would have admired the creations none the less.

I will have more chat on the Lighthouse soon

Hannah x