Now you can have a go too

One of the questions that I get asked most at Craft markets and Fairs is "How to you make origami using fabric?" Usually I answer, "Now that would be telling?" or "Magic"

In 2007-8 when I was first trying out origami using fabrics no one else was doing it and I had to figure it out for myself. I had a lots of dud samples, burnt fingers and friends who looked dubious at the creations I had just given them. But after a while it started to work and work well, friends started to look pleased with their new presents.Since then I have been perfecting everything from the type of fabric to the temperature of the iron.

Now, I am not gifted with special powers of some mystic origami master I just spent time and effort creating because I was passionate about origami and textiles. This didn't mean that I was going to tell the first and every person that asked my technique. I don't mind competition but I think it is only right that if someone wants to make textile origami they put in similar time and effort to hone the skill to make something unique rather than simply watching a You Tube video and ordering some stationery.

Earlier this year I was asked to create a How To for two different Magazines, Easy Origami & Mollie Makes and I said yes. It surprised me too!

In 2008 when you searched Fabric Origami on Etsy or the like you might have got some pleated stitched quilting or crane covered in glue or varnish. Neither Origami nor pretty (in my opinion). Now if you do the same you still get the above but there is an increasing number of interesting and unique artists using textiles to create abstract jewellery and accessories in what I suspect is a similar technique to mine. Great, someone else has put in the time and effort to make something that is theirs.

I started to realise that it wasn't the technique that I needed to protect but my own designs and folds. So why not promote Textile Origami through some "how-to" articles, if anything it will show the work and skill that is needed to make even the simplest piece.

Now if asked I will tell you look out the issues and have a go yourself, alternatively find something you like on my online shops or commission me to make something just for you. That would be ace.

Hannah x

Note: This post was originally drafted in December 2013 however it was not published on the blog until May 2015 (A baby got in the way)