Recent Commission: Doves for Veronika Maine Window Displays

You will have already seen the sneaky peak but now I am trilled to share with you images that Veronika Maine have sent me of some of the 216 doves I folded for the Australian fashion label's 2015 Christmas window display. I have often seen origami used in high street merchandising and always hoped that bY Mi would be able to create similar pieces with textile origami. They can be seen in 30 of the brand's stores so if you are passing do take a closer look.

Unfortunately, I have never traveled to Australia so had not heard of Veronika Maine before, but looking at their SS 2015 collection it was easy to see how the origami birds would sit with the Asian style minimalism and feminine cuts. I could easily see myself coveting pieces each season, although it was hard to get in the mood for summer fashion when it was blowing gale in Scotland.

Each bird is an almost life size version of the birds in my 20/12 collection  mobile. The logistics of making and sending such a large number half way across the world was exciting as I hadn't worked on such a large scale before. Even the commissioning process had it's challenges as I replied to emails as soon as I woke hoping to beat the time difference. The doves are folded from a very stiff bonded white fabric, with some dyed a dove grey and jet black. Packing the birds up and posting them to Australia I felt like a mother sending her children off on their first camp. It was a relief to see the birds looking so peaceful in their places, perched delicately on the mannequin's hands and arms and flying high in the store windows.

Hannah x