Vivid Please Print

I was trawling Etsy for a New House card for a friend recently and was disappointed with the lack of nicely designed New Home cards.

I usually use the Shop Local function on Etsy as I like to support local designers, perhaps re-acquaint myself with a brand I have seen at a craft fair or discover something new in Edinburgh, Scotland or UK. Also I was in a hurry and didn't want to wait for overseas mail.

This time I was sorely disappointed, nothing was coming up in searches. I tried Folksy too, but not one card would fit the bill. Too many blue nosed bears and not enough bloody good design.

It wasn't until my The Market neighbour of old, Vivid Please tweeted their Flirty 30 sale that I took a gander at their new collection. And I am glad I did. Instead of a card I would get a print. It was a great price and a New Home card & Gift in one.

It was only the day before that my Other Half and I were talking about the merits of Mac 'n Chesse Vs Coni-Cheese Vs Macaroni Cheese.

It came smartly wrapped by 1st Class Post with a bit of Washi tape & a "Words are for Nerds" pencil for good measure. A pressie for me and my friend. Now just to find an A4 frame...

"home is where the mac 'n cheese is..." Vivid Please, £12.00
Hannah x