Blog & Buy Sale: Summer Wish List

I was lucky enough to have 3 pieces in the Spring Blog & Buy Sale Wish List, and even luckier to be shortlisted by the Design Museum Shop for their prize.

The Summer Wish List has recently launch and so I thought I would share with you my favourites just as many Bloggers were kind enough to do for me in Spring.

H is for Home - Eleanor Stuart
H is also for Hannah so it was probably obvious I would pick this. I have a collection of H Letterpress print blocks on my mantelpiece and this would fit in perfectly. I can't resist a bit of San Serif either. There is a whole alphabet too so you can pick your own initial or spell out a word.

Kaleidoscope Table mat set – Fun Makes Good
If I am truly honest I don't do place mats or coasters, preferring to wipe the table only rather than have to clean the table and mat, or just accepting the wear and patina that coffee and wine provides. However, the kaleidoscope pattern is irresistible and I would happily have them brighten up my tables. I have been a fan of Fun Makes Good since I first saw their Tangram Bird Leather Pouffe at a craft fair.

Don’t Drink and Jetpack Card – Hole in my Pocket
It made me laugh what more can I say! Be sure to check out Hole in my Pocket's full range of cards, there is something for everyone from Lumberjacks to Pirates, each very chuckle-worthy.

Dudley Lion Jumbo Screenprint – Peskimo
Jodie and David of Peskimo include a "generous pinch of nostalgia" and this is what attracted me to the print. I can't pinpoint the exact memory but the friendly face of Dudley takes me back to being a child in the 80's and the many colourful picture books I loved to daydream with.

Colour In Art Gallery Poster – Claire Close
Having got to the last of my favourites I notice that it is very graphic design heavy. But I don't think that is a bad thing, do you? If you have kids and are wondering what to do this rainy summer holidays I think this could be your answer. I know I would have loved this as a kid.

Hannah x

Vivid Please Print

I was trawling Etsy for a New House card for a friend recently and was disappointed with the lack of nicely designed New Home cards.

I usually use the Shop Local function on Etsy as I like to support local designers, perhaps re-acquaint myself with a brand I have seen at a craft fair or discover something new in Edinburgh, Scotland or UK. Also I was in a hurry and didn't want to wait for overseas mail.

This time I was sorely disappointed, nothing was coming up in searches. I tried Folksy too, but not one card would fit the bill. Too many blue nosed bears and not enough bloody good design.

It wasn't until my The Market neighbour of old, Vivid Please tweeted their Flirty 30 sale that I took a gander at their new collection. And I am glad I did. Instead of a card I would get a print. It was a great price and a New Home card & Gift in one.

It was only the day before that my Other Half and I were talking about the merits of Mac 'n Chesse Vs Coni-Cheese Vs Macaroni Cheese.

It came smartly wrapped by 1st Class Post with a bit of Washi tape & a "Words are for Nerds" pencil for good measure. A pressie for me and my friend. Now just to find an A4 frame...

"home is where the mac 'n cheese is..." Vivid Please, £12.00
Hannah x