Robert Lang TED Talk

Got 18 minutes? Well I highly recommend taking a look at this talk.

Currently I am looking at more mathematical and geometric forms of folding for a commission. I have always taken an interest in mathematics and problem solving, which might be why I was drawn to origami in the first place, but the work I am doing for the current commission has got my imagination and creative juices flowing. Robert discusses how discovering the mathematical rules dictating folding have led to software being developed to create crease patterns for complex designs. This framework has enabled origami folding techniques being applied to medical science, space exploration as well as the folding of more beautiful and naturalistic models.

I have always been aware of Roberts work as he published most of the origami books I had as a child. Up til now my own methods for creating new designs usually invloves playing with a square of paper and seeing where it takes me. Sometimes I have an idea of the finished model other times I don't. I am really excited about exploring this way of folding and hopefully applying it to the textiles that I love to work with..

Hannah x


Hello folks,

When I graduated from university, my wise old dad said to me "keep writing". In the world of work you write emails, endless emails, reports and the odd line of marketing speak but no prose, no long essays with argument, structure and creative flourishes. Well, I did History of Art and Architectural History so flourishes were de rigour. I often felt that the pressure of the exam hall lead to my most creative (although not most factually accurate) work. Needless to say I didn't follow his advise, until now really.

I write this blog sporadically, I send a newsletter sporadically, I write a digest to friends and family of the happenings of my wee family. Inspired by friends, on a daily basis we write in our "Reasons to be Cheerful" book, noting down the lucky chances, first moments, good judgements and serendipitous coincidences that we experience each day. So I am writing a lot. I have always mulled over a children's story book or two or three. Next month the Festival comes to town and I feel the need to take the wee man to expand the library of books we read daily, I might even taken in a workshop myself, perhaps 2015 is the year I put pen to paper for the opening lines.

Hannah x

It has been a while...

It has been a wee while since I reopened my online shops after the birth of my son and now stockists are restocked and restocked again my attention has returned to my blog.

After university my parents said to me, keep writing, the real world doesn't make much room for writing so it is a skill you need to keep practicing. The posts I wrote for this blog and (formerly) regular newsletters were my practice as well as another creative aspect of running the business that I really enjoyed.

So whilst pottering around the website, updating this and that, I re-read my about page and the core themes that I hoped to explore on the blog. It reminded me that the blog was not just a marketing tool but a way to share information, inspiration and intrigue.

Next time it won't be so long.

Hannah x

Emmaline Bride

A quick THANK YOU to Emmaline Bride for featuring my Origami Bookmark Card is their Origami inspired Wedding Feature. The blog is a great source book for any bride wanting to have a handmade wedding. Making me nostalgic for planning my own wedding, if you are anything like me you will get most of it done...but don't stress if you don't have time for that extra detail. Yeah those orgiami buttonholes never got made, thank goodness for mums and sweatpeas!

Hannah x

British Origami Society

 Last year I was approached by a few members of the British Origami Society at various fairs & markets.

Don't worry it is not some clandestine underground folding club, well I don't think it is anyway. Just a group of people passionate about the mathematical technicalities of folding paper as well as the beauty of the models themselves. Every quarter a magazine is published with origami news & articles, folded models and instructions. Take a look at their website as it is full of articles and information for the beginner and the expert.

This weekend, they are having their first convention in Scotland and it is at my old university halls, at Pollock Halls Edinburgh.

It is open to members and non members alike and there are guest speakers from all over the world. I am particularly excited about hearing the mathematics behind Toshikazu Kawasaki's folding theorems and seeing the models designed by some of the members.  If you can't make don't worry as I will be reporting back in September.

Hannah x