baby boom!

Whether is it because of the Olympic fever in the summer of 2012, the Recession or Game of Thrones season 3, there is no doubting that 2013 is a baby boom year. So much so that between stock pilling for the August fair I have been knitting like mad.

In particular, I have fallen in love with two patterns from the Purl Bee .

The first is a Chevron Baby Blanket which can either be knitted using single stranded Chunky yarn or double stranded Aran and 8mm pins. I used circular as when the blanket starts getting big it is easier to hold.

I have knitted this twice already! The first time I used 5 balls of Sirdar Super Soft Aran and used one strand from the outside and one from the inside of the ball. Each 100g ball made about 20-22 ridges. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the blanket as it is already with Baby Sadie but the colours were 2 tones of grey, sage green, cream & coral.

The pattern is a simple 2 row repeat, 1st row decreasing, 2nd row increasing. It means that once you have got the hang of it, it is easy to sit back and knit away without constantly pattern checking, nor does it become tedious! It is great fun seeing the zig-zag start to emerge, I guarantee you will get hooked.

Tip: It is a good idea to double check the weight of each ball first that way you can work out the minimum number of rows you can get out of each ball (and not run short and have uneven stripes as I did)

Lesson learned I progressed on to the next blanket. This time I used Sirdar Simply Recycled Aran. Picking the brightest colours I made a rainbow using 2 balls of each of 6 colours. (I had planned to do a 7th but I thought it was getting a bit big by that stage.)

As I had 2 balls of each colour I could strand using one from each ball and made 12 ridges (24 rows) per colour.

I had a good amount of the Simply Recycled Aran in each colour left over so I turned my attention to the Super Easy Crib Blanket. With the left overs I cast on (single stranded) 100 stitches using 5mm needles and made a stripe of 4 rows of knitting (Garter Stitch) then changed to the next colour. Once I knitted all 6 colours I chose 3 neutral tones in the Simply Recycled Aran and knitted 24 rows of each colour, getting lighter as I went.

 (In hindsight if I had knitted only 10 I would not have had to purchase extra yarn but it did mean that the stripes of neutral where the same width as the Rainbow edge.)
I then reversed the Stripes for the remainder of the blanket (so only 1 stripe of the lightest neutral) giving a lovely Rainbow border to each end of the Blanket.

Hopefully both babies and mummies will love the blankets, being cotton they should be easy to care for too!

If you would like to know more just leave a comment below.

Hannah x