Bridal Commissions: Christina's Vintage Origami Butterfly Jewellery


Junk mail could have been the undoing of this story. Fortunately I check my junk mail regularly and I was thrilled to find a lovely email from Christina asking me to design and make bespoke jewellery for her wedding in June this year. She had bought some of my upcycled range from the

Red Door Gallery

and was so taken with the butterflies. She knew they would be perfect personal touch to her wedding.

On meeting Christina we clicked instantly over ballet (she is a dancer), non traditional wedding suppliers and the excitement of planning a wedding as an expression of love and individuality. Ideas flowed and between us we worked out a design to capture her personality and make the most of her vintage-style dress. Earrings had to be dangly, the Sterling silver and butterflies small and delicate but the colours joyful and warm. I had taken with me a stash of vintage and upcycled Liberty fabrics and Christina picked out her favourites which we narrowed down to compliment the bridesmaids dresses and shoes.

Christina noted down her ideas for the design of the necklace and bracelet after our first chat and brain storm. I added the design of the earrings

When I first started making my Upcycled Butterfly earrings I tried out a few different sizes and settled on the current size (made from a 5cm square) partly thinking that surely I couldn't make anything smaller. Happily Christina's commission meant that I revisited the miniature and actually made some butterflies from an inch square!

The design process was very much a collaboration. I really wanted her to be thrilled with the pieces and feel wonderful wearing them and I think this helped. Our next meeting I had made the Sterling Silver bases for the necklace, bracelet and earrings and a selection of butterflies in the different fabrics so that we could place the them on each piece. Each of the butterflies highlights a different part of the delicate prints and making sure the set looked right as a whole was important. Christina hoped to wear the pieces again and again.

The completed set with the bride's perfume. Photo

Chantal Lachance-Gibson

The finished jewellery was hand delivered with a hug and a "Have an amazing Day!" The day of the wedding I was eagerly following her wedding photographer Chantal on Facebook to the first glimpse of the bride and my heart leapt when I saw these beautiful photographs.

The Beautiful Bride. Photo

Chantal Lachance-Gibson

Christina always wears dangly earrings and these are finished with freshwater pearls. Photo

Chantal Lachance-Gibson

Christina chose an Upcycled Butterfly Brooch to pin her train for dancing. Photo

Chantal Lachance-Gibson


Chantal Lachance-Gibson

and Christina have kindly given me permission to share with you these stunning photographs. Since following Chantal on Facebook I am whisked away every day to Romantic locations and beautiful people. Try it for yourself

Hannah x

Bridal Commissions: Phillippa's Silk Origami Bouquet


Last year Phillippa entrusted me with creating a small posy of flowers for her Wedding at the High House Farm Brewery in Northumberland. The brief was a few stems tied with ribbon, Violets as that is her Mothers name and a little while later a letter arrived with coloured notepaper and envelope in the colours of the wedding.

The flower coming together
With any new piece or design I always make intial models in paper to get an idea of scale and so that I can fold and refold easily to ensure the folds would work well in fabric without any ugly sides. Once I am happy with the design and fold I make a "toile" in cotton. Once everything is perfect I look for fabric in the best colour and weight.

To make a petaled flower it was necessary for me to use a new technique to me and textile origami, a modular design using repeated shapes interlocked to make the flower. This meant that I was able to add an extra element to the design. Each flower is made of five petals in five different types of silk and cotton fabric. The subtle differences in tones and textures gave a wonderful dimension to the flowers and stopped them looking flat. It also made them even more special. I finished the wired stems with wrapped grosgrain ribbon and a satin bow. Swarovski crystals at the centre of each of the 6 flowers as a touch of sparkle.

I was lucky enough to attend the wedding on a beautiful although chilly Autumn day and the Bride was as pleased as I was with the final bouquet. I only wished I had done this for my own Wedding. I would love to make more bouquets and plan to build a catalogue of flowers to inspire brides.


Paul Santos and Phillippa have kindly given me permission to share some of the photographs from the day. Paul was a cool cat and drew many compliments for his leather camera holsters and his pictures have perfectly captured the romance of the day. Check him out on his website

Hannah x 

Bridal Commissions


I am delighted to be able to share with you not only some recent one off pieces I have made but also the talented photographers who have captured the beauty and elegance of the Brides and their wedding days.

It is completely delightful when I get an email asking me to make something bespoke. Especially so when I am asked to make a reality something that the client has dreamed of for years. Sometimes it is that first contact that sparks the inspiration, other times a meeting in person is the melting pot of ideas. Either way I hope to listen to the clients imaginings and use them as a foundation for any design.

In both the pieces featured in the following posts I have done things with the textile origami that I hadn't had the time or confidence to try and afterwards felt a burst of inspiration and energy. Commissions often push me to expand the boundaries and try new things.

So please get in touch if you would like something bespoke and we get creative. I can't wait!

Hannah x

Phillippa's Bouquet
Christina's Jewellery

Emmaline Bride

A quick THANK YOU to Emmaline Bride for featuring my Origami Bookmark Card is their Origami inspired Wedding Feature. The blog is a great source book for any bride wanting to have a handmade wedding. Making me nostalgic for planning my own wedding, if you are anything like me you will get most of it done...but don't stress if you don't have time for that extra detail. Yeah those orgiami buttonholes never got made, thank goodness for mums and sweatpeas!

Hannah x

Etsy Wedding Showcase May 2013

Last month I was delighted that my

Origami Bowtie

was to be included in Etsy UK's first wedding showcase at the Gallery Soho, London.

Diana Stainton Photography

The two day event was by all accounts crowded with B2Bs, Bridesmaids, Mums and the men of course! Unfortuantely I couldn't make the journey down there myself but luckily Diana Stainton was on hand to take lots of pics. The full album can be found on

Etsy Uk's Facebook Page

and Diana has her own

Etsy Shop too